Thanks to everyone who attended the 2014 Innocence Network Conference in Portland! We are in the process of collecting session materials from our presenters. All the materials we have currently (as outlined below) can be found here. New materials will be updated as we receive them.

  • "Applying Scientific Research on Identifying Post Conviction Innocence Claims" - Karen Newirth
  • "A Cognitive Perspective on Expert Evidence and the Administration of Justice" - Dr. Itiel Dror (Keynote presentation)
  • "Casefile Review from a DNA Perspective" - Andrea Borchardt-Gardner
  • "Fundamentals of Online Fundraising" - Laura Ma
  • "Introduction to Post Conviction DNA Testing" - Seth Miller
  • "Legal Avenues for Relief in Innocence Claims Based on Discredited Science" - Chris Fabricant
  • "Making the Most of Your Advisory Council" - Meredith Kennedy
  • Media Training Session Handout - Paul Cates
  • "Network Amicus Brief Impact" - Liz Janszky
  • "Starting an Innocence Effort" - Seth Miller
  • "Teaching Wrongful Convictions" - Justin Brooks
  • "What We Know About Exonerations: Past Present and Future Direction" - Sam Gross

Please note that the presentations made and positions taken by speakers at the Innocence Network Conference represent the views of the speakers. The Innocence Network does not endorse any technique or product.